We are offering bespoke accredited beauty courses. What makes our courses bespoke? They are designed around you! Can you be the best with one day of training? Maybe. Can you be the best with unlimited aftercare help and work experience days? Of course you can! 
Our training days will be on set days where you come and spend the whole day at our salon training within small groups and working with each other and training on each other. This is so important as you need to know how the treatment feels to be done. If you don't want to be a model for the other students please inform us prior to training as we will source you a model or you can bring your own.
Once your initial training is done you will go home and practice practice practice, most of our courses you will need to provide five case studies of work you have done at whilst training. You will then come in for the second stage of your training more confident than when you first left. Then we will watch you perform the treatment and see if there is any problems or tips that we can help you with. If further training is needed which is sometimes the case purely for confidence we can book you a day to come in and work in the salon on models.
We all learn in different ways which is the reason we have put on the work experiance options because sometimes people just need that extra support and at ZOOGLAMOUR training we support that.

Lash Lift & tint - £200 (kit included)   
Semi Permanent- £370 (including kit)
£300 (kit not included)  2 days 
Russian & Hybrid Lashes - £200 (kit included)- please note that you must hold a semi permanent lash certificate for at least 6 months
Makeup courses will not include kits, makeup kits are personal to everyone and we don't use one particular brand. Our training will come with product lists of what we recommend, we will make these courses very intimate so that you can learn exactly what you want to learn, be aware you will need to know the basics first and then goes with ALL makeup looks. 1 day courses we will cover the basics over and over depending on your progression on this first course depends how much you will get to cover. A beginner on our 1 day course will learn eyebrows, base and a basic eye look.
Contact us for more information on prices, it all depends on experience. 
1 day
3 days
7 days
12 weeks
ULTIMATE BROWS - Brow wax, tinting and shaping
using brow mapping methods £190 (kit not included) 
Henna Brows £90 (kit not included) 
Brow Lamination £90 (kit not included)
Pedicures - £175 (kit not included)
Gel Nails- £175 (kit not included)
Facials - £100 (kit not included)
Facial Waxing - £150 (kit included)
Dermaplaning - £350 (kit included)
Builder Gel nails - £100-£150 (kit not included)
Gel Polish - £50 (kit not included)
Nail Art - from £50

12 week make up course - £488 deposit, £40.70 a week
8 week Ultimate Lash tech
(leaning 3 different types of lashes) - £300 deposit, £37.50 a week
4 week Builder Gel nails course - £150 deposit, £33.50 a week